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Milestone Care Group offers specialist services including supported living services for children and adults from the age of 16-18 and 18-65 years old. We pride ourselves in improving the quality of individuals we look after by enhancing their inbuilt resilience to effectively live their lives to an optimum level of functioning.

We strongly believe in working with individuals with diverse needs to harness their inner potential whether they have mental illness, learning disabilities or Autism. We look beyond the clinical diagnosis and support people as individuals, and support them as they transition from hospital based care or residential units to reconnect with the community, and most importantly, to take control of their own lives.

We are experienced in supporting individuals with a range of conditions and needs

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Young People

We support young people aged between 16 and 18 by encouraging them to focus on their strengths and build positive support networks to achieve their aspirations, whether that is returning to education, finding meaningful work or making new friendships.

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Why People Choose

Milestone Care Group
  1. Encouragement

    We encourage autonomy and independence.

  2. Care & Support

    We offer Care and support that enables citizens to do as much as possible for themselves

  3. Personalised Service

    A personalised and responsive service (with all staff delivering care being aware of citizens’ personal preferences & agreed outcomes).

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We understand that suitable housing with the right support is an essential part of overcoming challenges faced by people with mental health and learning disabilities. We have in place a flexible and varied range of services to meet the needs of individuals and support include: supported housing, supported housing with care, and respite care within our service.
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About Milestone Care Group

And What We Offer

Our aim is to provide a safe, nurturing and empowering environment for all young people to live in and to gain the confidence to develop the skill needed to enjoy a successful transition into independent living.

We at Milestone Care Group, we pride ourselves in building a constructive foundation that will make a positive difference in the lives of Young People in our care, helping them to develop into independent and mature people, whom have in turn become confident, knowledgeable and skilled members of our community.

We are passionate about improving the Quality of Care and the Outcomes for Looked After Children and Young People in care, Milestone Care Group will provide a High Standard of Services in all aspects of our Accommodation, Care and Support provisions to meet individual needs, using effective and tested means of Care and Support Planning process.

We believe that each and every Person has the capabilities and potential to succeed in life, with the right foundation, support and guidance. We believe that the most vital aspect of a person’s transitioning into a fully independent life is, stable accommodation, strong support system (both emotional and practical), trusting figures of authority, and the right guidance.

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